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Radford Florist is THE ONLY flower shop located in the city of Radford, VA! We've been in the same location on Main Street since 1989. Don't be fooled by internet companies. If "Radford" is not in the domain name - it's not a flower shop in Radford, VA. Save money-Save time, deal direct.

Celebration Cube

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Celebration Cube

What's your CELEBRATION? ... birthday? glad you're better? great job? new baby? anniversary? graduation? new job? promotion? How about GOOD LUCK? You get the idea. This bright bold grouping of flowers is great for many (or any?) occasion.

We use colorful flowers such as lilies, daisies, carnations and statice for a bright and long lasting gift. Arranged in a glass cube with colorful accents.

The DELUXE selection allows for three complimenting roses.

Add a balloon to top off the party!

Radford City Florist personally delivers the Celebration Cube Flower Arrangement to Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Dublin, Pulaski and Radford VA.