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Radford Florist is THE ONLY flower shop located in the city of Radford, VA! We've been in the same location on Main Street since 1989. Don't be fooled by internet companies. If "Radford" is not in the domain name - it's not a flower shop in Radford, VA. Save money-Save time, deal direct.

Horne Funeral Service

Horne Funeral Service and Crematory     same-day-funeral-flower-delivery-to-horne-funeral-home-christiansburg-va.jpg
1300 N Franklin Street
Christiansburg, VA 24073

Horne Funeral Service in Christiansburg, VA has been a part of Montgomery County since 1870 under various names.  It is the oldest family owned and operated business in the county, starting as Evans & Flannagan Hardware Store, then Richardson & Company, Funeral Directors and Undertakers, then Richardson Funeral Horne, then Richardson-Horne and then to its current-day name.  That sounds like a lot of name changing but a lot happens in 150 years!

Horne Funeral Service gives back to the community and to families in need.  As published on their website ... "We are pledged to providing the finest service available, regardless of a family’s ability to pay. And, as a special service, we make no charge for our services or merchandise for infants under one year of age."  Thanks goes to Horne Funeral Service!

We do not recommend ordering flowers for local delivery from the Horne Funeral Service website.  It is run by a company called FuneralOne.  When an order is placed, there is an additional $19.95 SERVICE FEE added to each order. See the picture. WHY?  Why is there a SERVICE FEE?   Now, get this, the company turns around and sends the order to a local florist to create the flowers -- and usually, the florist only gets approximately 75% of the product amount.  WOW! - where does all this money go? 

Here's another thought.  You make a purchase of a $100.00 spray.  You pay $119.95.  A local flower shop gets $75.00 to make the $100.00 arrangement.  How can a florist stay in business?  Or is the order only made for only $75.00????  We can speculate but we do not know as we do not play this game.

We also don't care for a floral site that lists customers names and they products they send.  This is a high pressure sales technique rather than honoring one's privacy and dignity during a time of bereavement.


Save money, order your funeral flowers directly through our website:  RadfordFlorist.com.  Radford Florist is a local flower shop.  Radford City Florist hand-delivers the floral arrangements to Horne Funeral Home in Christiansburg VA. Radford Florist will send you a picture of your flowers before they are delivered.  Radford Florist wants to be your choice of florist in Christiansburg Virginia.

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